Aug. 25, 2020

My Vote Is Not To Be Taken For Granted, Neither Should Yours

"”What did Teddy say ”talk softly and carry a big stick” well African-Americans ”talk loudly and carry no stick”. If we want to hold the Democratic Party accountable we must be willing to not take our owned and privileged vote for granted. If the Democratic Party party continues to hold reparations hostage by ignoring it by inaction. We as an African-American community must hold our votes hostage. It is a known fact that Biden cannot win without our votes. So, we must gain the upper hand and tell the Democratic leadership that we aren't lollipops to be sucked on we are a people to be reckoned with. I am holding out my vote because it's not only the right thing to do it's the only thing that makes sense. For 60 years we have turned the screws without any tools. Now is the time for our community to be outfitted with the tools necessary to compete on an even playing field. It is also the time to get what is due Americans of African descent to get payment for services owed.”"

#joesmokethoughts & Yvette Carnell