Aug. 25, 2020

Josiah Henson

Today’s African American History
No, Those Negroes Who Spoke At RNC Were Not Uncle Tom’s They Couldn't Rise Up To His Excellence And Desire For The Uplift Of The African American Communities
The Road To Dawn - Josiah Henson

Please don't misuse the term, Uncle Tom it's been misunderstood for far too long. Josiah Henson was the original Uncle Tom.

“We learned that the prime minister of Great Britain had thrown a surprise banquet in his honor, and that Earl Grey had offered him a job. The archbishop of Canterbury had wept after hearing his story. This man had been feted by queens and presidents, and he had won a medal at the first World’s Fair in London. He had rescued 118 slaves, including his own brother, and helped build a five-hundred-person freeman settlement, Dawn, that was known as one of the final stops on the Underground Railroad. How had I never heard of Josiah Henson?”

I wish I could rise up to the level of Josiah Henson, our nation's true Uncle Tom.