Aug. 24, 2020

Black Souls To The Polls

The Democratic Party wants African Americans to be their “mules” but refuse to us any meaningful political acreage. Historically without the African American loyal and unbinding support there would not have been a Kennedy, Carter, Clinton, or Obama Presidency. Without that African American voting support the Republicans would’ve controlled the Executive Branch of the United States Government for the past 70 years. Because without Kennedy winning in 1960, Lyndon Johnson who was the only Democratic President to win the majority of the white popular vote in any general election that being 1964 wouldn’t have been Vice President. So, you want African Americans to be the pack mules and carry the message of the party yet you cannot even fill our wagons with what is necessary to compete on an equal basis with the people who have oppressed us for over 400 years. Then how do expect continued blind loyalty.

So, don’t come every four years to the African American communities with promises that you never intent to keep. The central and primary aim and goal of African American communities is satisfying our demand for reparations. Without our support on November 3, 2020, you lose and you lose to someone who is the least qualified individual to ever serve as President in the history of this nation. I mean the absolute worse person and he will be elected again by white Americans. That should tell you quite a deal about the current state of this nation. So, if you want to drive black souls to the polls, Barack won’t do it, Michelle won’t do it, Hillary and Bill won’t do it, and certainly Joe and Kamala won’t do it. The only sure way to drive the American Descendants of Slavery, true African Americans, those whose lineage goes back to those Mississippi Delta cotton fields, those Louisiana sugar cane fields, those hanging bridges and burning bodies of Jim Crow, the stolen wealth government edicts against African Americans is to make reparations a priority item in your party platform. Not a one word mention but a major platform priority. Otherwise, I and others like myself will vote on November 3rd because voting is a privilege not to be ignored. But we will vote for every candidate except for anyone at the top of the Democratic ticket. So if you want black souls coming to the polls stop being so damn cold, African American reparations with allow a Biden/Harris winning story to be told.