Aug. 23, 2020

The Blackman Reads Aloud An Excerpt From Down To The Crossroads Camden, Mississippi

Today in African American History I revisit a day that should never be forgotten. It was June 23, 1966, in a small town in Mississippi where the full force of Governor Ross Barnett’s government stormtroopers unleashed holy terror in Camden, Mississippi on people seeking justice in what is said to be the last successful civil rights march in this nation, The March Against Fear. The nation was in the midst of national turmoil as war raged in Southeast Asia and racism was still being unleashed in many communities across the nation. African Americans were still seeking full citizenship even though this country has supposedly given those rights of citizenship with Civil and Voting Rights Bills of 1964 and 1965. It hadn't dawned upon Ross Barnett to stepped down the oppression. We should've been fighting this battle in the United Nations rather than in the small Mississippi town of Camden. We should've been fighting for human rights and economic reparations against the United States. The stage should've staged in an international setting. Maybe, then we would've amassed international global support for recognition of our rights for full participation as citizens in this country. Maybe, 54 years later we still wouldn't be struggling to secure payment for sins inflicted on our ancestors who were responsible for building the wealth of this nation and never receiving payment for services rendered.