Aug. 22, 2020

Huey Newton Murdered August 22, 1989

White Supremacy killed Huey Newton, on was murdered 31 years ago today on the streets of Oakland, California. Huey Newton was harassed, threatened, maligned, and mentally assaulted for the majority of his adult life. Once Huey decided to make his life one that was dedicated to the uplifting of African American communities across the nation and the globe. Huey Newton was fighting for just civil rights. He was fighting for human rights. That fight meant that the aligned global people of color communities would truly endanger white supremacy domination not just in America but capitals of power throughout the planet. That’s what made Huey Newton so dangerous to this system. Newton threatened to awaken the consciousness of purpose and direction to the multiple billions of oppressed people in the world. If the United States Government's ultimate white supremacy deciders want to put a full-court press on an individual or individual groups they have unlimited resources to crush any movement towards justice and equality. The COINTELPRO program sanctioned by our federal government whose sole purpose was to annihilate, erase, and destroy any group, or organization that could be perceived as progressive or seeking equality of the races in America. The Black Panthers and Huey Newton never stood a chance against the full strength of the American government. Huey Newton never stood a chance because his revolutionary thoughts didn’t jive in any way with this government’s aims or desires for African Americans. Imagine being pressured with electronic surveillance, traitors, lairs, and threats of murder on a daily basis. Well, if that doesn’t drive one to escape the reality to some level of normalcy nothing will. Seeing your most trusted friends killed, and imprisoned will lead you either to find an escape from that reality or escaping the country. Stokley chooses to leave America. Huey decided to stay but his escape mechanism was drugs. Both men understood that fighting the full force of the American government without the full force of community support was a losing proposition. One thing our communities have lacked for quite a long time is the unity of purpose. So although Huey Newton may have been murdered by one of our own in a drug transaction gone wrong. The United States Government actually pulled the trigger decades before when it defined Huey Newton as an enemy of the state.