Aug. 22, 2020

Reverend Jeremiah Wright “God Damn America “

In 2008 before his church and the world
Reverend Wright decided it was time for a call
He knew that this cause could cause a great fall
However, to Reverend Wright justice couldn’t continue to stall
Truth, Reverend Wright, said caught in a maddening lull
Reverend Wright saw in America these terrible wrongs
It was about time to for cause to be righted
The treatment of blacks could not continue to be blighted
Reverend Wright of man of moral conviction
Had complete control and wonderful diction
It was time for this preacher to make his prediction
Reverend Wright shamed the nation
Reverend Wright blamed the nation
Reverend Wright even said God damned the nation
Reverend Wright did this without any hesitation
Reverend Wright was clearing not showing this nation any elation
For how America was responsible for black deprecation
Why doesn’t Reverend Wright believes in the divine creation
You know they clearly felt he had succumbed to evil temptation
That sermon that Sunday was indeed a morally profound oration
Yes that Sunday Reverend Wright got a standing ovation
The problem with his divine words that day
Was America told Obama denounce him or pay
You can’t say God damned this nation
Then expect, Barack Obama for your presidential campaign to stay
Denounce Wright, Obama, if you want to continue play
Otherwise your campaign will be demolished on this here day
You see America was about to make Reverend Wright it’s new prey
That demanded that Reverend Wright be cloistered and hidden away
Left only to himself or you’re campaign Mr. President would be pointed directly at political doomsday
Now for seven long years Mr. President every one word of yours has been measured
You see for so American you will never ever be truly treasured
Most white people still only want your presidency severed
Mr. President, as the final days in oval office dwindle
Maybe it’s time for Reverend Wright’s words to rekindle
I know Mr. President you can see injustice can continue to spindle
The fact of the matter is that money grabbers continue to swindle
Each day proves that this preacher, Jeremiah Wright was teaching
In no way was Reverend Wright word’s this Sunday ever reaching
This is one minister who was never been accused of community leeching
America can no longer continue this insane bleaching
Justice and Righteousness need to stop screeching
Your haters still talk of an Obama impeachment
Ignoring each and every episode of black people’s mistreatment
You see that Mr. President this nation’s combustible
Truth and justice towards everyone should never be adjustable
You see all Reverend Wright wanted was justice’s hastening.
You know Mr. President, every part of America needs an truth awakening
Don’t let Satan damn America; let’s work to make God in his infinite glory raise America
Or is it too late Mr. President?
You see this nation seems so infinitely full of hate
Maybe they have already taken Satan’s bait?