Aug. 19, 2020

I Ain't Nobody's Boy Dammit

I hate that boybye hashtag that I see African Americans using on social media currently. These folks obviously know that African American men were nothing but boys for as long as they lived in much of this nation for damn near three centuries. You hashtag that to grown-ass black men and I'm you dishonor them but you show you own disregard of our struggle to be identified as men in this racist society. I can only recognize this #iamaman and dammit I don't care what your skin color is. If I am grown and able to serve my community and this nation I am not your boy. We need to respect each other space and opinions but we damn sure had better recognize the struggle we went through to be identified as men. Take that #boybye and shove it up to your ass. Because black men were lynched, assaulted, and burn alive simply because they told the white oppressors I ain't your boy.