Aug. 17, 2020

We Must Teach Our Own To Elevate Themselves In Unity For Our Communities

Our African American History with all the oppression our ancestors faced is simply amazing. It showed how the grit, determination, desire, and unbelievable fortitude and an inner sense of self-esteem allow them to overcome the challenges of the onslaught of white supremacy. They didn't have much but they damn sure had each of our ancestors back when it was needed. Where in the hell did that energy and love for each other go? Because right now the evidence is clear that we aren't anyways near having the desire and determination of our ancestors. You had better join me in sharing our majestic historical story with every young person in our African American communities. Not just in February as a supposed gift from a nation that never wanted us but every opportunity we have. My blog and other African American historical sites like Black Past, Black Facts, Smithsonian African American Museum, Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture should have hundreds of thousands of visitors every day because we are in a desperate situation regarding unity in our communities right now. We also cannot depend on the current public and private schools to address our history curriculum needs. We must understand that each of us who are literate and educated has a responsibility like our ancestors to take the mantle and do the job of assisting our people in acquiring the knowledge.


18.08.2020 06:17

Monie Walker

Thank you