Aug. 15, 2020

The Supreme Court Isn't The Issue Real Concrete Change Is The Issue

Whether it's 5-4 or 7-2 the Supreme Court is in the hands of the Presidential Party that nominated them, right?

Republican nominated justices

John Roberts: Chief Justice George Bush 2 (65)
Clarence Thomas: Bush 1 (72)
Sam Alito: Bush 2 (70)
Neil Gorsuch: Trump (53)
Brett Kavanaugh: Trump (55)

Democrats nominated justices

Elena Kagan: Obama: (60)
Sonia Sotomayer: Obama (66)
Stephan Breyer: Clinton (82)
Ruth Ginsburg: Clinton (87)

That's a 5-4 majority for the Republican and the Supreme Court doesn't need anything other than a simple majority to rule for or against any rule of law it deems constitutional or unconstitutional. The oldest justice on their side is Clarence Thomas and his stripes aren't changing. What the Democratic ticket needs to focus on is emphasizing real change in African American communities. Not the political makeup of the court. Because unless 1 of those 5 Republican nominated judges dies suddenly they could be around for another 4 Presidential terms. We must demand real change for our votes, real substantive concrete community elevated programs.


02.11.2020 00:58

Dennis Boatwright

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