Aug. 14, 2020

Calling Out Wrong No Matter The Party Is Never Wrong

So many people are in our community don’t have full knowledge or any knowledge of the story of Fannie Lou Hamer. That is a major issue that confounds me because if they knew the story of this determined black woman of absolute power. They would understand that you can take a stance on right against wrong and still be on the side of infinite justice for all. Fannie Lou Hamer was a woman who inspired others because of her tenaciousness to secure each and every supposedly right provided by the Constitution of the United States. Once, the SNCC unveiled these rights to Ms. Hamer nothing on god’s green earth would stop her from attaining them. Fannie didn't care if you were Democrat or Republican, black or white if you stood in the pathway of her securing the goal of absolute citizenship for African Americans in Mississippi you were on the wrong side of justice. She didn't care if you were Senator such and such or President big pants. If you were wrong had done wrong you had to be dealt. Ms. Hamer stood up to the most powerful members of the Democratic Party in 1964 and refused to now down to injustice. Fannie didn’t care if you went to Morehouse or Nohouse, she understood that every African American was in this nation’s boat of injustice together. If someone needed to be called to task, well, Fannie Lou Hamer didn't measure that person’s political party to make a decision about what to say. She made a moral decision on the scale of right and wrong. Fannie Hamer was beaten almost within an inch of her life simply because she wanted to experience the full rights of citizenship The sheriff of Winoa, Mississippi forced two black male prisoners to beat Fannie Hamer within inches of her life. Many of us would've simply run back to the shotgun shack and stayed as quiet as possible. Not Ms. Fannie Hamer, it emboldened her to be even more defiant in the face of oppression and surely didn’t stop her drive for full equality. So, I wonder if Fannie Lou Hamer was around in 2020 and someone questioned her blackness simply because she uncovered wrong and wanted to make it right. Would our communities unleash the forces of the status quo upon her? Fannie Lou Hamer stood up against President Lyndon Baines Johnson in 1964. Johnson was idolized in the African American community for just signing the Civil Rights Bill but Fannie Lou Hamer saw wrong and forged ahead. Even most in our communities were dismayed by her actions. Including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who asked Fannie to compromise but a compromise wasn't right it only empowered the wrong side of justice. So as we move forward towards November 3, 2020, remember this calling out wrong no matter the political party is and never should be wrong. You should always want to be on the right side of justice as would Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer.