Aug. 13, 2020

If You Aren’t With Us You Aren't Black Dammit

If you didn't know had to delete a number of Facebook posts on Thursday because the vile responses to those three posts from a few folks who took offense to my posts related to the Democratic choice for Vice President of the United States. I felt affecting the direction of those responses were possibly going limit my ability to expand and promote my Facebook Live program The Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project. I was literally shocked at the level of vitriol that was being delivered by some people whom I honestly respected. I was being accused of promoting slander, delivering messages of hate, being a lackey for Trump, and guiding the entire community of African Americans to a river of eternal despair. First off, I want to thank those who responded to those posts in a meaningfully constructive strategic way. To those it kept it 100 I salute you. To those who felt it necessary to flood my page with unfounded accusations about me personally. I can only say if you did your research you could possibly comprehend my position. But, do many people don't do research they respond literally on absolute emotion.

All this negativity because I voiced a few opinions about a certain candidate. It’s like for those slung those vitriols they have this crazy realization that you are either with us or anything you do for the benefit of our communities is worthless. Well, I am not going to allow my opinions to be silenced with individuals who are willing to destroy my project for their benefit or their ignorance. I care more about addressing the issues that are omnipresent in our communities related to illiteracy and the lack of knowledge about the black historical experience right now. I will protect that reading project with all my energy and power. You can take your slights and admonitions towards me for stating my opinions and move on. I am not going to stop using my learned knowledge to educate and make those unaware, aware. Whom, I support is not based on the personality of that individual, or whether that person is a member of a group or sex. I will base my support on policy and the receptiveness of those policies on the community residents I’m primarily concerned with.