Aug. 10, 2020

August 10, 1835 - The Destruction of the Noyes ​Academy

The Destruction of the Noyes ​Academy

The total destruction of "The Noyes Academy", August 10, 1835, in Canaan, New Hampshire. When Enlightenment's flame was extinguished by bigotry, racism, and ignorance by a mob of mob white people.​ This incident didn't happen down in the deep south? This travesty of injustice happened in the north. It happened in New Hampshire where supposedly sensible white folks lived. Yet humanity and morality left that environment because the white residents of Canaan, New Hampshire didn't want black children to be educated in their town.

So they proceeded as a white mob to move the entire school building from its location to the swamp. 500 white men and 100 oxen completed the task of destroying the Noyes Academy on August 10, 1935. After the mob destroyed the school they then turned their attention to terrorizing the students. They launched cannon shells at the homes where the students were staying and physically threatened them with harm. The students had to run away from the town in darkness for their own safety.

Two of the students became instrumental leaders in the black struggle for the destruction of the institution of slavery, Henry Highland Garnet and Alexander Crummell. Even though efforts to rebuild the school were attempted. Three years later in 1838, The Noyes Academy was burned to the ground. The struggle for the right for an opportunity to get an equal education in this nation has always been a struggle for black Americans.

Why reparations, because for 400 years this nation has mistreated, abused, terrorized, murdered, disengaged, miseducated, and ignored black Americans, that's why.