Aug. 8, 2020

August 8, 1866 Birthday Of A Great Black American Hero "Matthew Henson"

The Tragedy And Triumph Of Matthew Henson
Racism Carpets Matthew Henson's Historic Achievement

Today, we celebrate the birthday of Matthew Henson who was the first recognized Non-Eskimo​ to reach the North Pole. He was the first of many explorers who sought to be on top of the world. He reached that pinnacle on April 6, 1909,​ with Commodore Peary who arrived 45 minutes later. As with all black historical events in the early 20th century,​ Matthew Henson's historic accomplishment was swept under the carpet of racist ignorance until ​Matthew Henson had passed​ away. He was the ​constant companion of Peary during these Arctic expeditions but it was Peary who ​turned his ​back on Henson after returning to the United States. Today, I will read two articles that will detail the racism that Matthew Henson faced during his lifetime. Join me in recognizing the greatness of Mattew Henson whose body is now interred in the Arlington National Cemetary next to Admiral Robert Peary. He finally was recognized for his historic achievement but long after his death.

The post photo cover includes an image of Akatingwah carrying Anaukaq, the son she had with Matthew Henson, along with of course the great black explorer Matthew Henson.