Aug. 5, 2020

CIRCA 2014

Peace, Love, Life let Freedom Ring from the streets of Dayton, Ohio to the Wal-Mart in El Paso, Texas from the streets of Gilroy, California to that treacherous street in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, from the streets of San Jose, California , from banks of the shores in Virginia Beach, Virginia, we must let freedom ring and stop the madness of this gun violence. We need to stop the sales of tech9’s, stop the sales of small killing weapons and raise up the love and understanding that we don't own the air we breathe. We must not give in to violence but fight to give each man a true chance for freedom and for a right to breathe. Yes, you cannot eliminate struggle from mankind but you can balance the scales of justice do that struggle can be overcome with individual and group effort. Struggle need never be an ongoing plight of everyday life. Let live, let love, and live to your means and please, please let’s not demean humanity.