Jul. 29, 2020

1918-2020 Why So Long America To Punish Terrorism

To those of us in our African American communities that truly believe that the deck of life cards are stacked fair and even now in this nation. This blog is directed at those who say it's even now. Even with the unmerciful law enforcement killings, African Americans have much of a chance as whites in climbing the economic and judicial ladder. Well, if black lives really mattered and if America was really the most righteous country on the planet, why did it take 102 years from initial introduction of the Dwyer Anti-Lynching Legislation in April 1918 to the final congressional passage of the Emmitt Till Anti-Lynching Act in 2020, for this nation to actually pass a bill that criminalized lynching an African American? I mean America was burning African Americans at the stake in the 20th century, mobs of white KKK were out on search and murder, and bury missions of African Americans in the 20th century, and governments, federal, state, and local authorized the illegal murderous activities of the KKK into the 1960s’. So, when white Americans question the legitimacy of a movement that highlight the value of black lives over all lives it just means that these individuals don't have a comprehensive understanding of America’s illicit past. I mean really? For over a century, not one bill passed that outlawed the heinous crime of the lynching of a human being in this nation. Today, I spend just a few moments remembering the multiple thousands of innocent African American lives murdered by mobs of white Americans simply because of the color of their skin and their quest for human rights and dignity. Today's history moment is dedicated to the very first of our innocent African American ancestors bludgeoned by the lynchers rope to the very last African American yet to be identified whose murder by hate hasn't happened yet.