Jul. 28, 2020

Why Is That Bridge Still Named The Edmund Pettus Bridge

Why is that bridge leading out of Selma still named the Edmund Pettus Bridge? Edmund Pettus was no racial adjudicator for justice for African Americans. He bridged no gap between the races. Nor did he promote any level of racial equality. Edmund Pettus was an embodiment of pure racial hatred and bigotry. He made his wealth on the backs, blood, and sacrifice of African American enslaved people. Pettus was the ultimate enslaver. He helped to lead the Alabama into the Civil War to protect the institution of slavery. So why is that bridge still carrying his name. Listen to my reading about this bigot and demand that the National Park Service, the City of Selma and the State of Alabama change the damn name.i recommend the Jimmy Lee Jackson-Viola Liuzzo-John Lewis Memorial Bridge but anything other than the damn Edmund Pettus Bridge would suit me fine.

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Edmund Pettis Bridge
John Lewis’s Final Trip
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That damn bridge evolved into that bridge of compassion and understanding. On Sunday, July 24, 2020, when John Lewis’s remains were drawn by a horse and wagon across that bridge. This final trip erased much of the stain of hate that occurred on that bridge 55 years ago on what became known as Bloody Sunday. John Lewis’s final trip should be now known as Redemptive Sunday. That's why today I want to spend just a moment, talking about why we should change the name because there was nothing in the world redemptive about Edmund Winston Pettis. He was the worse of the worse in his hatred of our African American ancestors. View my blog as I read from a Smithsonian Magazine article about this vindictive hateful, man who had no compassion nor understanding. Change the name of that bridge now because, on July 24, 2020, John Lewis sealed that decision.