Jul. 27, 2020

The Chicago Race Riot July 27-30, 1919 Black Americans Had Just About Enough Of White Mobs

Chapter 13/The Beach
Red Summer The Summer of 1919 And The Awakening Of Black America
Cameron McWhither

The actual race riot started on a beach leading into Lake Michigan when a young black swimmer was targeted by a rock-throwing white. The young black teenager, Eugene Williams was struck by a rock thrown by George Stauber and drowned. All hell was about to break loose in the city of Chicago over the course of the next 3 days.

Today, as The Blackman Who Reads Aloud ventures back to that hot Chicago July day to relive the events that occurred during this race war. Because that is what it was it was indeed a race war between whites and an embattled black community forced to defend itself against enormous odds.‚Äč