Jul. 24, 2020

Frederick Douglass & Reparations

Frederick Douglass was one of the most prominent individuals that this nation has ever produced. Born into slavery on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, Mr. Douglass, became the most powerful voice in nation after he escaped slavery. His actions speaking against the viciousness of enslavement was one of the factors that lead to the destruction of the institution of slavery. Mr. Douglass’s experiences and vast knowledge influenced many of our ancestors and his words still are as powerful in 2020 as they were in the 19th Century. One of his most notable disciples who was able to learn directly from him was Ida Belle Wells-Barnett. Ida Wells, thoughts on the absence of reparations was portrayed earlier this week. I’m sure it was influenced by this statement made by Frederick Douglass in 1875. The statement surely laid the groundwork to match the absolute need and legitimate claim to the descendants of those enslaved African Americans today. Reparations now, not later, no more waiting, or anticipating. Just create the formulas and start the payments.