Jul. 23, 2020

BIDEN, C’mon man!

"This moment in African American History
Thursday Night Edition

Biden: Trump is the first racist elected president, really c’mon man

Biden is so damn out of touch with reality that it frightening. Trump is America’s first racist President? Hell, the first 15 Presidents were in office during slavery. After Lincoln, Andrew Johnson stole our 40 acres and a mule. Rutherford Hayes gave the south back to the enslavers. Just how many Presidents were in office during Jim Crow? Did any of the Roosevelt, or Kennedy clan press for an anti-lynching bill? Hell, didn’t that bill just pass Congress in 2020? Didn’t they just take Wilson’s name off the buildings at Princeton University? What did Eisenhower say to Earl Warren prior to the Brown decision? These are not bad people,” the president said. “All they are concerned about is to see that their sweet little girls are not required to sit in school alongside some big black bucks.” Richard Nixon was categorically a racist and inflicted harm on black communities with his southern strategy to win the election. Ronald Reagan put drugs in urban centers to fund is foreign military misadventures in Latin America. Did Bill Clinton with the assistance of Biden fill the jail cells up in America with racially motivated policies? I don’t even want to discuss Bush and Chaney that’s way too obvious. Can Biden be that naive? Or has his pandering to African Americans reached such a level that he feels we are that unconscious political and that historically unaware? I mean Trump is bad, real bad but this nation has far worse Presidents. They simply need to keep Biden in the basement or bunker until November 4, 2020. Leave Trump alone and allow Trump to lose the election with his own devices. He doesn’t need any assistance.


Joseph Hall