Jul. 23, 2020

My Guest Blogger Abdul Kenyatta Powerful Words Of Wisdom


by L. Abdul-Kenyatta

Boys understand YOLO…Boys live for the thrill of the moment…Boys have no realistic future plans… Boys want to play house… Boys make babies… Boys shack up –Boys enjoy being a Baby-daddy… Boys lack a concept of responsibility… Boys have a sense of entitlement…Boys think the world owes them some thing for being here…Boys have no coherent strategies for success… Boys are always waiting for their ship to come in….Boys do not comprehend the concept of work over time equals power…Boys crave instant gratification…Boys don’t care about the consequences…Boys do not know how to provide an example or how to educate and raise children… Boys do not know how to respect women…Boys make excuses for their failures and tell lies about their accomplishments… Boys need someone to help take care of them… Boys are selfish…Boys feel the need to be in charge all of the time. They do not comprehend the concept of compassion…Boys generally have unresolved issues with their mothers and are psychologically distant from their fathers.

Men comprehend priorities…Men demonstrate respect for women…Men teach children social skills and life skills… Men are there for children… A man will help raise someone else’s child because he comprehends the realities of making the world a better place…

Men develop plans and see them through… Real men are more concerned with where you are going than how you back that ass up!!! Men don’t shack up – If a man believes you are good enough to have sex with; he also believes you are good enough to marry. Men develop plans for success… Men marry the women they want to be partners with…– Men build homes and raise families… Men raise children and teach responsibility… Men promise only what they can deliver – and they deliver on their promises.

Real men do not abuse women and children…Real men are not violent…Violence is a sign of intellectual weakness and fear… Men learn to manage conflict in a logial manner…They are not excited by drama… Real men respect the mothers of their children….Real men demand respect and know how to give respect.

Men take care of families… Real men change diapers and provide child care… Real men know how to cook and how to nurture children because those are natural elements of life, living and adulthood…

Real men don’t need a Superior Court judge to tell them to support their children…

Sisters, Whenever we subtract negativity from our life, we increase positivity…

Do not spend the currency of your time and life on things that do not matter or people who cannot appreciate your worth. Don’t be some body’s downtime, spare time, part-time, some time love… a boy cannot be there for you or the family…Boys are not worthy of the time or effort of a strong woman.

Give – but do not permit your self to be abused.

Love – but do not allow your love to be mis-used…

Be trusting but not foolish…

Listen to the voices of those who love you – but don’t lose your own voice.

People who love you want to make you happy in the here and now.Waiting for some one else to please you and make you happy is the best way to be unfulfilled.

Keep people in your life who love you…people who motivate you, people who encourage and inspire you. People who enhance who you are and make you happy.

If you have people in your life who do none of these things – LET THEM GO!!!

To love without reason is not reason enough to love.

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing

L. Abdul-Kenyatta