Jul. 15, 2020

George E Mitchell Rest Easy Brother

Morgan State University Family we lost a great one George E. Mitchell, who was a football captain on one Earl Bank’s Morgan State College Football Teams. That designation of captain on an Earl Banks team signified outstanding leadership. George was also a proud member of the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity.
Brother Mitchell was an outstanding individual throughout his life. If you needed a hand up or word of encouragement George Mitchell was there to provide that. During the final years of his life when I got to know him. George was the spearhead leader of the Langston Hughes Community Center in the African American Park Heights community. My how that brother worked for the betterment of Park Heights. Whether he was fighting to save the Preakness for Pimlico Racetrack or fighting to ensure that Park Heights residents had food to eat, coats to wear, or beds to sleep on. You can bet George put 100% of this effort to ensure the job was done. The Park Heights community will miss George Mitchell because he was a unique man with tireless energy and intense humanity. George Mitchell was the Langston Hughes Community Center to be the shining light of a renewed Park Heights community. George believed in the Park Heights community’s possibilities and if you listened to his radio show on WOL, you would learn to believe in that community as well. George E. Mitchellnow takes a rest and his rest is well deserved. No matter what any says about George no one can say he wasn’t committed to achieve his goals. God Bless George E. Mitchell. His kind are few and far between. It’s time for someone else to take the baton of leadership from George and continue his works at the newly named George E. Mitchell Community Center in Park Heights.