Jul. 8, 2020

The Terrorized Disappearance Of Hamburg, South Carolina July 8, 1876

I am reading The Half That’s Never Been Told: How American Slavery Built American Capitalism on My Blackman Read Aloud Hour Project on Facebook Live. Today, I go back to July 8, 1876 which was 11 years after the end of American Slavery and the African American hamlet of Hamburg, South Carolina which on that day was erased from the geographic map on the United States by white mobs who terrorized and murdered the African American ancestors simply because of the color of their skins and those African Americans aims for a better life and economic and educational uplift. The fact is the half that has never been told involves not only the institution of American Slavery but the entire spectrum of African American life in this nation. It’s history that never has been revealed but hidden in the carpet of racial hatred that feeds white supremacy in America. Listen as I read the facts that have been hidden from America’s history textbooks, the mysterious disappearance of Hamburg, South Carolina that occurred on July 8, 1876.