Jul. 2, 2020

July 2, 1908 - Thurgood Marshall 112th Birthday - The Ultimate Judicial Warrior

Today, I celebrate the birthday of Baltimore-born Thurgood Marshall. I do this by reenacting the words Thurgood Marshall spoke before the highest court in the land demanding that blacks be given the equality that every citizen of this nation deserved. In 2019, when the nation's school still are experiencing some of those same deficiencies that were prevalent in 1953. I find it appropriate to bring Justice Marshall's words on that fateful day in December 1953. Last year, as well as this year the words that separated the nation regarding school segregation are still on the headlines of online news sites. You heard the political candidates talking about busing yet ignoring the real basis of the argument, our children of color and economic deprivation are still receiving a second-class education in a so-called first-classed nation.