Jun. 24, 2020

Black Love Matters More

“When I was growing up in Baltimore City in the early 1960’s to the late 1960’s my black life mattered. How did I know because I knew Mrs. Rosalie, Mrs. Knight, Mrs. Colvin, Mrs. Perkins, Mrs. Ball, Mrs. Malone, Mrs. Norwood, Mrs. Monroe, and Mrs. Reynolds were all on the Joe Hall look out brigade. If I was ever contemplating an action that was not acceptable they let me know and my parents know. I always felt protected in my East Baltimore neighborhood because I always felt love, why because no one had to tell me my black life mattered because everything around me showed me that my black life mattered.

Those are the neighborhoods we must reinvest in now. Because those are the black neighborhoods that are missing today. We cannot kill each other with such ferocity and truly believe in our hearts and minds that our black lives matter. You don’t need a movement of black lives mattering you simply visualize and see that love of black lives all around you. We need to go back 3 generations and learn this important fact. You need not have to teach anyone to learn that black lives matter. You simply need to teach each of our young ones that black love matters more. Oh, how I wish that these young ones had the black love I experienced.”