Jun. 20, 2020

Wake Up Everybody

Wake Up Everybody

Just how sick is a society or a community where a 8 month pregnant woman and her 3 year old daughter are murdered in cold blood in the City of Baltimore? We are currently on the streets to battle police brutality and we should be; but we also need to be on our communities streets demanding justice for the murdered black women, black children, and black men killed simply because they happen to live amongst us. Killed by someone and others of like color who seek retribution rather than any form of human understanding. This specific act of murderous intent absolutely destroyed the future of a family and has killed off the potential of generations to come. Who’s to say that the baby girl and baby boy didn’t have the answers to multiple issues facing humankind? Black Lives Matter, Our Black Lives Had Better Matter Because We Are A Minority In This Nation!



20.06.2020 19:37

Bruce Taub

Amen! Can’t really be liberated if you’re living in fear of being killed in your own neighborhood. Safer neighborhoods create the landscape for greater opportunities and cooler headed cops.