Jun. 4, 2020

Racism No Recourse Just Accept It

I was a victim of a serious case of judicial racism in 2012 in Maryland. The racism wasn’t covert it was overt and the racism affected my ability to maintain my wealth and my ability to secure financial protection for my family. I was the victim and the perpetrator was the Maryland State appointed Worker’s Compensation Judge. The outrageousness of the direct racist statement him made was that I had or have no recourse to get any type of settlement or judicial adjudication from the statement that this commissioner made. Also, the commissioner who made the racist statement was also the individual who made the determination about my level of disability as a result of a work related accident.

First, the accident on November 27, 2011 while I was on my way to a preset appointment I was involved in an a accident. While driving to work a truck tire came from an open door on a cargo truck. The truck tire collided with my company vehicle while I was traveling about 45 miles per hour. The collision caused extensive damage to the company vehicle, two broken axles front and back. The tire also aggravated my back injury and caused additional nerve damage to my lower extremities. I am now numb from my groin area to my calf’s both left and right legs. I can no longer sit or stand for extended periods of time without experiencing a great deal of pain. Due to my age this nerve damage will not improve.

Well, on the date of my initial hearing in La Plata, Maryland this Worker’s Compensation Judge had me the only black person whose hearing was scheduled that day wait until the very last case. This commissioner spoke graciously to every white injured client asking about how their spend their days while they were injured. My attorney was optimistic about how he interacted with these clients before my case came up. However, when my this white man changed his demeanor completely. He became an advocate for the corporation. When I was on the stand this white commissioner said that I was looking for a tire to run into, those were his exact words. He said that I was no longer interested in working. Now, understand I was earning 6 figures a year and had been awarded numerous sales awards for outstanding performance and I have been featured in the company’s annual report as well. But to this white commissioner I was a Blackman seeking to get over and avoid work. My lawyer at the time with over 30 plus years of experience said he had never ever heard a commissioner make such an insidious, racist statement before. My pain management doctor had given me 100% disability as a result of the accident. This commissioner said I basically had no disability. My job had forced me into a retirement position I wasn’t seeking but I no longer could do the work that the job demanded.

This commissioner is protected from legal action. He basically had the right to say anything and make judgments because of that protection. I feel he was jealous that I earned 2/3 times his salary. How could this Blackman be in that position? He was looking to hurt me personally and he did it by denying me justice in the courtroom. Because, he denied my claim I had to go back and forth to hearing after hearing but that initial denial is hard to overcome. I should have been guaranteed compensation income because it isn’t his money. Yet, he forced me to spend my retirement monies earlier than I anticipated. Why? Because of the color of my skin. He stole my wealth. Why? Because the color of my skin. He forced me to make difficult decisions due to his racism. Why? Because of the color of my skin. I cannot seek retribution or satisfaction for his racism. Why? Because of the color of “his” skin.