May. 29, 2020

Our Formula To Black Greatness

Live, Love, Life
Compose, Interact, Engage
Admire, Respect, Complete
Strategize, Calculated, Determined
Brotherhood, Sisterhood, Black Neighborhood
Stand Up, Faced Up, Not Bowed Down
Conceive, Believe, Achieve
Black Is Truly Beautiful
Black Life Is Truly Precious
I Can’t Breathe If You Can’t Breathe
If One Goes Down We All Go Down
Defiance, Reactive Acts Directed Towards Change

What we need right now in our black communities across this nation are that all of our people are doing the best to be the best "you" that they can ever do;
Because in being the best "YOU" we as a black community automatically becomes a much better US.
Let that percolate in on your brain waves for just a minute. Value your brother and your sister even if he or she seemingly doesn't yet value himself or herself. Each black life is a miracle of uniqueness and has the ability to produce greatness. We cannot close the doors on that greatness.