May. 29, 2020

Reverend Jeremiah Wright Never Lied

It may have taken 401 years but the time for change is finally near. We need to blow this shit up and demand change. MLK got off his knees and demanded America to stop pissing at African Americans in a stiff breeze. Enough is truly enough not one more damn black victim because of this damn white supremest system. As Reverend Jeremiah Wright said so eloquently back in 2003: God Bless America.' No, no, no, God damn America, that's in the Bible for killing innocent people. Enough dammit is enough. You either open the doors to a full and equal nation or we direct resistance and defiance whenever black injustice rears it’s ugly head. Also, it isn’t one party that’s responsible for this injustice and we aren’t coming with our hands out anymore. We demand substantive models of true change. We built this nation and it’s time for this nation to pay dues owed for our ancestors blood and sacrifice.