May. 29, 2020

America’s Barren Fruit Tree

As the cities of Minneapolis and Louisville cracks apart because of massive of criminal acts of police oppression. Let us look back towards a true revolutionary brother who sought to change an American system that was formulated and breed on the tactics of white supremacy, Huey Newton. You can seed the tree that is supposedly American democracy is spoiled with the rotten fruit of bigotry and hatred. The tree that promised equality and justice for all never bared fruit for peoples of color in this nation. We worked our damnedest to till the soil after planting the seeds of our ancestors blood, sweat, and toil but so many in America just ignored our plight. That’s why we can no longer accept the empty promises from either political parties. We must now demand concrete, substantive economic, judicial, educational and social plans to fix this mess that they created. Or every act of oppression will be met with acts of direct resistance. This tree either bears fruit or it burns.