May. 28, 2020

Malcolm X Talks To The SNCC Civil Rights Workers From Mississippi

Malcolm X spoke to 37 teenagers at the Hotel Theresa on December 31, 1964. These young men and women were SNCC workers who were visiting Harlem in 1964. As some of our cities burn in 2020 from the oppressive actions of white supremacy. We must be ensured that our young people know why they are in the streets today. We must educate them to comprehend the struggle and how best to achieve a goal of equality that has eluded our peoples for so long in this nation. We cannot simply burn down without a purpose. Our direct energies of defiant change must be directed at those who continue to perpetrate this madness of black oppression. We also cannot accept fake promises from politicians who seek not change but personal positions. I salute all day today the memory of the black prince of our black American nation, Malcolm X.