May. 16, 2020

Historical Mirage of May 17, 1954, My Thoughts

Today we look back 66 years to the Brown judicial decision by the Earl Warren Supreme Court. I would like to discuss my personal thoughts on people and events that have impacted my life. Today, I will discuss the "mirage of May 17, 1954" which I feel has had more destructive power to our black communities than we have certainly acknowledged. Today, I am thinking about how the black leadership had this insatiable desire to be included in white society lead to economic exclusion as well as the economic destruction​ of so many of our great black institutions. Judge Derrick Bell in his book Silent Convenants felt that the decision by the Warren Court has failed to be implemented and it has negatively impacted black communities. In 1966, Dr. King in a speech in Jackson, Mississippi said that blacks had segregated into a burning society. Things haven’t improved in so many black communities whether they be economic, educational, housing, health, judicial equality that you have to question whether or not the Warren Court truly wanted to have the decision implemented or was that decision was simply a mirage.