May. 16, 2020

Guards Up Black America This Enemy Is Silent And Truly Deadly

Even when you take all the precautions to avoid infection this COVID 19 virus can sneak up like a black mamba and strike a deadly bite. Our black communities cannot and shouldn’t ease up because just because American states are opening up doesn’t mitigate the awesome medical dangers that COVID 19 presents. Each day the medical professionals are identifying new ways that this deadly virus is affecting the human body. So please don’t allow yourself to be pulled into a false sense of security. The current wave of infections are not peaking and the second wave maybe even more deadly. As Dr Bright said this week America could be facing the darkest winter in its entire history. While cotton masks cannot protect you totally from infection it can save others you come in contact with your love ones especially from infection. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer handy and use it liberally. This is one enemy that is surely silent but damn deadly.