May. 15, 2020

Diane Nash The Warrior Mentality SNCC Voice For Change

Many young people today don’t know the name Diane Nash and her importance to the struggle for civil rights for African Americans. Why? Because they simply don’t get the education needed to fully comprehend the young warriors who braved the horrid conditions of southern Jim Crow in the 1960s’. Diane Nash was a fearless defender of civil rights who was trained in the methodology of direct nonviolence by Reverend James Lawson in Nashville, Tennessee. Diane Nash, Chicago born was a student at the historic Fisk University when she made the conscious decision to fight the forces of segregation and hatred that enveloped southern blacks by racist white Americans. She started the lunch counter sit-ins in Nashville and then was one of the students who attended the 1960 meeting at Shaw University for the formation of the organization Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. Diane Nash was committed to sacrifice and determination of nonviolence as the tool she choose to fight southern oppression of southern blacks. When the initial Freedom Bus Riders were attacked in Alabama. It was Diane Nash who fearlessly volunteered to schedule other riders including herself to replace them. The young people of this generation should learn of the exploits and warrior mentality of Diane Nash. You when I think of a warrior mentality I don’t think of a professional athlete who is paid tens of millions of dollars to ply his trade. I think of SNCC workers like Diane Nash who were paid as little as 15 dollars a month to go directly into the belly of the beast of hateful racism with their lives on the line to fight not for individual honor but for the rights of the communities black residents to secure basic rights of dignity and freedom with their lives on the line. That’s the panther mentality that Diane Nash had when she was only two decades old. She choose to sacrifice it all for the needs of the many over her own personal needs. Saluting another SNCC voice today on my black blog.