May. 15, 2020

The Impossible Cost Of A College Education

I hate COVID 19 but honestly if COVID 19 can significantly cut the cost of getting a college education in this nation then, well? How can universities think that charging full price for what is essentially a created on the fly solution in educating students, well? If universities think that filling dormitory rooms up and continuing ZOOM instruction at before COVID 19 prices, well? The best thing that could happen now at universities in this nation is streamlining college course study so more emphasis is placed on developing pathways to core study courses then on making students pass 2 years of class study on required courses, just to fill coffers of the university. I could see and we should see more alignment with state community colleges. These community colleges will be free for all students to satisfy those basic college requirements. Then upon graduating from these community colleges incoming juniors could move directly into their majors at the university of their choice. This could and should significantly cut the cost of a college education. In addition most community college courses would be online except for those students defined and identified as needing direct instruction due to learning difficulties. The end of brick and mortar universities demanding full price, exorbitant high prices is just around the corner. It took a pandemic to speed up the process but its coming.