May. 14, 2020

Saluting SNCC Voices Fannie Lou Hamer

As I continue to celebrate the magnificent warriors of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee today I bring to the forefront the incomparable Fannie Lou Hamer . Mrs. Hamer was the symbolic head of a movement in Mississippi that almost allowed a fledgling group of political activists to bring an entire national political party to its knees in 1964. Sharecropper oppressed and not with the sophistication or the educational background of many of the civil rights leaders of the time. Not one civil rights leader could measure her inner fortitude or determination to secure equality for our people. Fearless, and bound with a spiritual prowess to face death without blinking. This black woman epitomized the words black power. She was captivated by the legion of young SNCC workers who came south to educate and enlighten southern blacks on the rights due them by a Constitution that many were ignorant of. These young men and women woke a mighty warrior that guided them into the battle for dignity and human rights in this nation. So, as I continue to highlight the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s powerful voices on my blog. Let me say this to everyone in Fannie Lou Hamer’s own words, we ain’t free until everyone is free. The battle continues still in the nation and the world to secure absolute equality in all phases of life. Thank God for the magnificence that embodied Fannie Lou Hamer.