May. 14, 2020

Our Communities Cannot Afford To Move Too Fast

Just thinking? I know the importance of reopening universities but my concern this morning is centered on HBCU’S. The opening of dormitories with an unknown virus and how it is mutating without a known vaccine. What if you child comes down with the virus while staying in a dormitory at an HBCU? What if you child dies. Are you going to hold that HBCU responsible for your child’s death? Or, are simply going to say that is the nature of society right now. That some people, even younger people will die but what is most important is that HBCU’S collect the necessary student revenue and fill up those dormitory rooms to survive economically. Yes, there will be some elements of face to face teaching in these universities in the fall according to HBCU presidents. However, until universal testing, some type of preventive medicine is available are you willing to have your child be a guinea pig to decisions made in capsule of misinformation? Will you pursue legal actions against the HBCU in the event your child is a victim to a flawed reopening this fall?