May. 14, 2020

Julian Bond Defines The Game Of Racial Inequality

The American Game of Racial Inequality has been played flawlessly for more than 400 years. The White Team has owned the Black Team lock, stock, and barrel and mean that literally because we have been locked up and locked down, we have sold as stock to the highest bidder to do the bidding of the White Team’s duties so that the White Owners can enjoy the benefits of our free labor, and finally we have felt the barrel of the White Teams weapons when we didn’t meet the expectations of the duties we were forced to performed. All of this in the quest for seeking an unrealistic dream of true equality in a game designed from the beginning for the Black Team to lose. This American Game that has baffled us, trifled us, and demeaned us for the sake of whites to control us from the very beginning of our time in this nation in 1619. Today, I highlight the game’s meaning from one of our best and brightest minds, Julian Bond. Who from a very early age was mentored by our finest black leaders. Mr. Bond rose to be a SNCC student leader, a Georgia State Represenative and finally the Board Chairman of the NAACP in his time on this planet. He fought relentlessly for equality and never gave in even though the rules of engagement were stacked against him and the members of the Black Team. The next time you sit in front of a television monitor think about how the real game is played.