May. 12, 2020

H Rap Brown Takes The Leadership Of SNCC MAY 12, 1967

53 years ago today Hubert Gerald Brown now named Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin took over the leadership in the waning days of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee from Stokely Carmichael. The nation was torn asunder by the racial conflicts as well the misadventures of a war in Vietnam. H. Rap Brown the symbolic figure in a struggle for black equality that centered on more aggressive tactics and away from direct nonviolent actions. It was Brown who coined the term that violence was as American as cherry pie. It was Brown who had to leave Cambridge, Maryland in a coffin to escape the law enforcement agents seeking his arrest for inciting a riot. It was Brown who demanded that blacks look to blacks for their solutions, not white people. It was Brown who armed SNCC and shifted the organization away from nonviolent direct action. It was Brown who became the target of the United States government for the remainder of his life. The nation’s law enforcement agencies local, state, and federal have continued to attempt to convict Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin of a crime and they succeeded in 2002 when he was founded guilty of murdering Ricky Kinchen and shooting Aldranon English both deputies in Fulton County, Georgia. Brother Al-Amin is currently serving a life sentence. However, he will always be remembered for taking a stance for equality of black peoples and black communities. He wanted our communities to unite but the racist institutions wanted nothing to do with black union. So those in power killed the movement and silenced the leaders of that movement. One of the chief characters silenced was Hubert Gerald Brown. Who once said The man does not beat your head because you got a Cadillac or because you got a Ford; he beats you because you're black! The man is still beating blacks upside the head and we as a community are not close to unity.