May. 7, 2020

Eyes Tired Aren’t Yours?

You want to understand how the injustices that occur in cases like what occurred in Georgia. Well, you have to understand that racism is still prevalent in this nation as apple pie on the Sunday dinner table in America in 2020. I see a virus attacking the black communities far more than white communities. I see governments both state and federal opting for tactics that will increase black deaths while minimizing white deaths at the same time. I politicians saying the major problem in black communities is gun control not economic support or reparations for pass sins inflicted. We have #saymyname campaigns far too often in America. When will the #uplifttherace campaign going to start. This statement on my late brother’s photo was made in 2017, not 1863. So, you ask why? I say that this says all it needs to be said about America in reference to African Americans.