May. 2, 2020

The Poor People’s Campaign Begins May 2, 1968

52 years ago today the final dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. begin at the site of his murder in Memphis, Tennessee. Dr. King’s most promising dream was the coalescing of the races to battle the evil of poverty that was stifling dreams and oppressing poor people across this nation. It was the dream that killed the dreamer because this nation’s institutional racist leaders had no intentions of allowing a mass redistribution of wealth that was fundamental objective that Dr. King sought. Dr. King wasn’t just looking at the black poor but he was looking at the Native American poor caught in the cycle of abject poverty. Dr. King wasn’t just looking at the African American caught in this web of vicious poverty but he was looking at the millions of white poor Americans also facing the brutal effects of economic deprivation. Dr. King was concerned about the millions of migrant Mexican farm workers living from hand to mouth in this nation of supposed prosperity. Dr. King saw the Hispanic population and the Puerto Rican population facing the same demoralizing effects of poverty and each and everyone of these groups needed to be bonded together. It was Dr. King’s vision that the Poor People’s Campaign would be that linkage that bought about the change he sought. However, a bullet silenced the dreamer on April 4, 1968 and even though the Poor People’s Campaign started its trip to the Nation’s Capital with a range of races and participants on May 2, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. The reality was that the ultimate dreamer’s final dream never really had a chance after the moral leader was murdered. What could’ve been the start of a new political party that would dynamically change the nation’s aims from military intervention in foreign lands to economic intervention in this land was doomed because the dreamer’s dream had been crushed. So today on my blog I remember the possibility of real change crushed to earth because of a single bullet and an uncaring society. So fixated on wealth inequity that any hint of wealth redistribution was never going to happen. Let’s remember the possibility and not the end result of a muddy mess in Washington DC and still a confused nation unable to grasp the concept of economic equity amongst all Americans.