Apr. 21, 2020

Charles Hamilton Houston, Words To His Son Bo Prior To His Death On April 22, 1950

April 22, 1950
70 Years Ago Today
Charles Hamilton Houston Memorial Day
The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Hour Project
Charles Hamilton Houston Powerful Words To His Son

In December 1949, five months before Dr. Houston died of heart failure he made a historic recording detailing a message he wanted to give to his 4-year-old son and the couple whose home he was convalescing​ from his illness, an illness he never recovered from. In this recording which is the only known recorded voice of Charles Hamilton Houston, he talks about the influence that the Scottsboro boys had on international human rights of oppressed peoples of the world. The words of Charles Houston are so powerful and reveal the impact that the Scottsboro Boys also had on his life. It is another example of the historical legacy of how we as black people got over and overcame injustice in this nation.

Today’s marvelous words of Charles Hamilton Houston spoken by The Blackman Who Reads Aloud Hour Project makes me wonder if the spirit of Mr. Houston wonders if he shouldn’t have driven his energies towards reparations rather than integration? With all the issues facing black communities today it seems that the hallmark victory that Charles Houston didn’t live to see Brown vs The Board of Education, May 17, 1954 didn’t deliver what those in his legal circle anticipated. That being a truly equal society not based on one’s race but simply on the character of each individual member of this nation. While integration hasn’t been an absolute failure many of the obstacles that were present in 1954 are still prevalent today. Would Charles Hamilton Houston choose reparations over integration? That’s an interesting intellectual question that should be asked as we look back and think forward.