Apr. 13, 2020

April 14, 1875, The Great Problem To Be Solved Frances Ellen Watkins Harper

Our Great History Never To Be Forgotten
Our Great History Linked To Now From Yesterday

145 years ago today Frances Ellen Watkins Harper, stepped to the podium to make this speech, The Great Problem To Be Solved. This, of course, was during a period of declining black rights, the end of Black Reconstruction following the Civil War. Today, I celebrate the memory of this giant woman of creative genius. I will read the speech she gave that day and I ask that you do some research and read some of Frances Ellen Watkins Harper’s creations. If you will notice that although time has passed we still must live in a society of humanity as we confront the COVID 19 virus today. The virus that Ms. Harper faced was just as virulent, it was the virus of racism and white supremacy.