Apr. 9, 2020

Celebrating Howard Thurman, A Spiritual Icon, A Mentor To Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Keep alive the dream; for as long as a man has a dream in his heart, he cannot lose the significance of living.”
Howard Thurman

“Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

“A man is a man, no more, no less. The awareness of this fact marks the supreme moment of human dignity.”
Howard Thurman

Dr. Howard Thurman was born on November 18, 1900, he passed away on April 10, 1981.

Howard Thurman was the embodiment​ of spiritual greatness. Today I read from a document I secured online from the​ Morehouse​ College archives, Howard Thurman and Martin Luther King, At The Intersection Where Worlds Collide. Dr. Thurman had a profound effect on Martin Luther King Jr. especially following his near-death experience in Harlem in 1958. Join The Black Blogger as I share this powerful reading which I believe was a forward of the book Where Worlds Collide. It seems that men like Howard Thurman now are few and far between but in order for our communities to fully prosper we need the words of Dr. Thurman to continue to educate today’s and tomorrow’s black leaders. Just as Dr. Thurman challenged Martin Luther King to stretch his philosophy towards justice for all. He can provide that same directive thought to others.

There is always that one person who changes the course of history and never receives the credit for that accomplishment. Rev. Howard Thurman is that man to me because had not Howard Thurman been so instrumental in the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who knows if Dr. King path been completely different. Of course, it's quite possible that Dr. King would've seen the ultimate messenger of civil nonviolence that he became in this nation's history. But I am sure that when Martin Luther King Jr. was at the crossroads of deciding his eventual spiritual path having a voice like Howard Thurman in his ears had to be a positive voice. As we look back on April 10, 1981, when Dr. Reverend Howard Thurman passed away. I salute this magnificent spiritual giant. For as sure as you should canonize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. , you should remember and honor one of his most powerful mentors Howard Thurman.