Apr. 7, 2020

Earl Graves History Maker

Rest Earl Graves on a life job done extremely well. I hate the very nature of Alzheimer’s disease because it takes away from that individual every aspect of his/her life. Recently we lost two giants Bea Smith and Earl Graves who suffered from the disease. Both Bea and Earl were prominent figures in our nation. Yet both died not recognizing their greatness personally. It is said that man only uses about 10% of it’s brain capacity in their lifetime. It seems ashamed that a disease like Alzheimer’s steals that 10% away and locks it up in the darkness of forgotten memories. You are your life experiences for better or worse. So the cruelty to snatch away memories of family, business and social greatness is the most despicable of crimes. You brain convicts you and places a darkness around your past that precludes any dialogue about yesterday. It also takes away any possibilities of tomorrow’s. Today, we honor Earl Graves, who in 1970 started a dream of Black Enterprise Magazine. If you were fortunate enough to attend or are now attending, or will in the future attend Morgan State University. You will see, or have seen Earl Graves’s name etched in stone on the Business Building on his Alma Mater’s campus. Mr. Graves loved Morgan State University and as an alumnus of Morgan State University. I can say without hesitation that all of Morgan State University loved Earl Graves back. I can only say that I hate Alzheimer’s with every thread of my body because it took away from Mr. Graves in his final hours all those precious memories that made Earl Graves one of the most special black men in the course of this nation.