Mar. 24, 2020

Not Every Founding Father Was Racist

Alexander Hamilton was one o America’s founding fathers. Mr. Hamilton who is now probably more recognizable because of the Broadway musical that bears his name was a different sort of founding father. You see he understood the plight of the Americans of African Descent who were fighting for not only the liberty of newly formed nation but also the liberty from the shackles of slavery. This is what Alexander Hamilton wrote about the fate of our ancestors. He sought freedom for our ancestors after the revolutionary war. You have to wonder this. If Aaron Burr hadn’t killed Alexander Hamilton in that duel and Hamilton had ascended to the office of President. Would our ancestors gotten a fair deal in his administration?

In the interpretation of treaties, things odious or immoral is not to be presumed. The abandonment of negroes, who had been induced to quit their masters on the faith of official proclamations, promising them liberty, to fall again under the yoke of their masters and into slavery is as odious and immoral a thing as can be conceived. It is odious not only as it imposes an act of perfidy on one of the contracting parties, but as it tends to bring back to servitude men once made free.

Alexander Hamilton
The War Before The War