Mar. 21, 2020

12 Powerful Poems Exhibiting Black Excellence From 12 Black Wordsmiths

On these days where we are seemingly stuck in motion on endless revolving escalator of sameness. When it is society locking down social connections and with it social consciousness. It is important to be encouraged by black excellence of our talented black wordsmiths.So why not read 12 poems by 12 poets written by 12 brilliant black poets some living some dead that provide a range of black thoughts and black black life experiences. Experiences that range from a poet’s perspective of revolt on the Amistad, a game of spades, a poet’s sense of America’s injustice, a poet’s visit to Chicago Black Belt pool hall, to a poet cataloging black daily life, and on and on. We will live through the wordsmiths verses past and present. The Black Blogger believes that education comes in many forms today that form is poetry.