Mar. 21, 2020

Self Made: A Clear Slam At Black Malehood

I may create some anger but what the hell. I am as Fannie Lou Hamer said sick and tired of being sick and tired of this negative depiction of black men in white entertainment productions. The most recent case is Madam C.W. Walker’s Self Made. I just finished watching the Netflix series on Madame CJ Walker and I was highly disappointed. Why? Because in order to again disrespect black men this movie created a scene between Booker T. Washington and Madame Walker that never existed where Washington supposedly told Walker that he had no interest in supporting her business. It was a vile attempt to display Washington’s as a villain to Black women? Why? The only thing I can see is that it was done again to show black men in a bad light. I saw over and over Blair Underwood’s character being shown in a negative light as a woman chasing drunk who was bent in the end of the movie on the Walker empire. I can tell when a movie is produced by black women looking for ratings rather than truth. I really wanted to like this movie but I simply couldn’t. Tell what was Tiffany Haddish’s role in the movie other than adding name recognition? Hell even her husband had his balls cut off not by white men but by black women in the movie. Aren’t we sick and tired of this destructive process that is constantly being displayed by white controlled companies to trash black male hood? We should be. It’s not 1960. Dammit it’s 2020 and we will never be unified with trash like these shows encouraging disunion and deceit. Hell, they even put Dubois in the movie to blast Washington. Another thing the Graphic Survey article on the New Negro was published in 1926 not 1910. So where did idea of the New Negro appear in 1910 Harlem. You play around with our truths you get burned by conscious black folks and trick unconscious, unknowing folks. Way too many historical mistakes in this series. It is pure fiction that’s all. PERIOD!