Mar. 18, 2020

Sinking Ship of State

Unless this country declares martial law or suspends habeas corpus this temporary shelter in place mandate will never work. After a week possibly two at the most. There will be mass violations of this mandate. You will not even be able to buy public silence for $2000.00 or $5000.00. What good is having that money if there is absolutely no way to spend it. Now let’s say the government feels that giving this money now is a bribe to the delay mass disruptions. Well even that is suspect.

Why? You see spring and summer are approaching and the need for humans to procreate, socialize, and enjoy the visible aspects of nature is a real deal for young people. How would city, state, and federal law enforcement agencies stop a mass disruption if it occurs? Will America’s law enforcement agencies have to resort to physical or military force to suppress these disruptions? You see this won’t be a skin color based disruption it will be a human disruption in a nation that prided itself on individual liberties.

Also, will human ventilators be delivered directly to homes to ensure that already stressed medical institutions are not overwhelmed? When will military encampments be set up in major cities to house the sick? Certainly, hospitals will not be able to handle the expected deluge of infected persons. We need a leader on a bully pulpit capable of delivering a cognizant message. Right now at the head of ship is a man who doesn’t read, doesn’t perceive issues cognitively, and is a terrible public speaker. My thoughts on the future of the ship of state right now? It sinking in deep water and the water pumps are malfunctioning. The hope is this. That this coronavirus 19 leaves as mysteriously as it appears. Otherwise, dark days beckon in America.