Mar. 16, 2020

Educational Dilemma Is Coming

Let’s put this into perspective struggling students who are currently below grade level achievements in reading and mathematics skills will be severely impaired by the closing of schools for the remainder of the school year. As a matter of fact these students many of whom are already achieving at below basic levels especially students in grades 3-8 will most likely never catch up to on grade level achievements. The coronavirus 19 may damage an entire segment of a generation of learners. Those students who are proficient and advanced learners may experience some dip in educational progress but the most vulnerable students will never catch up. It’s almost now like the students that are proficient and advanced learners have a 3/4 mile lead in a mile race against the struggling learners. The only way for the struggling learners to conceivably catch is if those advanced and proficient learners simply stop learning all together. Another thing many of these struggling learners have parents who were struggling learners as well. So they cannot get parental guidance to encourage learning. The emergent learners grades K-3 who are struggling are also going to be in the deep end of low educational achievement as well. No, online learning will be able to support these struggling learners grades K-12. The reality is that more than ever parents must support the learning of their children but the question is how does an adult learner who struggles support a child learner who struggles in this current environment? That’s my topic for my Facebook family tonight. How can we adapt the instructional model to fit this current situation? Or will society fix the model for us by building additional jail cells in the coming decade?