Mar. 15, 2020

3/4 Of Million Viewers “A Blackman’s Perspective”

The Importance Of Our Historical Knowledge For Community Self-Preservation
Sunday Afternoon Musing

I think every black person in this nation should be aware of the justice/injustice and equality/inequality charts that indicate the lack of black progression in this nation . Personally, once we as a people lay out the timeline of how strategic the opposition is/was specifically on denying our community full human, social and civil rights. Then we will understand the importance of community unity and confront these menacing acts that were deliberately engaged to minimize our growth as a community of peoples economically, socially, legally, environmentally, and educationally. That's why it is imperative that we control the educational institutions within our communities.

How do we ever unleash our full potentials as people if we don't have a comprehensive understanding of our historical past. We must counter voices of regression with voices that build rather than destroy. You see in this world of social change and economic uplift our black history need never be a black mystery. So each one teaches one and ensures that we all as a community become learned people working together to reach one and inform one and maybe in doing that we will reform our communities.
We will indeed meet on that shining hilltop of prosperity and justice for all. You see as we reflect back and understand fully our historical story the delight will be when we began to fully comprehend the people of color's glory.

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